Mountain of Kindjals

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Mountain of Kindjals

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Faberge Imperial Hen Egg with Certificate. Nov View Auction Collectibles. Lot Description A rare experimental dagger which was issued in a very limited numbers to the mountain units brigades. The dagger was manufactured at the Zlatoust Factory, the blade is stamped with Zlatoust marks and dated , also there are two quality control marks made with Cyrillic capital letters "A" and crowned "A", wooden scabbard covered with leather, and with brass mounts Russian arsenal markings.

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Ask a Question. Follow Auctioneer. Description: 84" silver, Caucasian Circassian Cherkess kindjal dagger. Dimensions mm Measures approx. This is a very old mountain made item. It is in the Cherkess Circassian manner, with silver wire-mounted pommel and engraved silver scabbard handle and forged steel blade.

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The blade point is a "carp's tongue" which was used to pierce chain mail armor. Blade is still VERY sharp and quite lethal. This item dates to the time of the Caucasian Wars circa It is not one of the pieces coming from Europe now that are cobbled togetherd junk.

This kindjal would have been used by the indigenous mountain people, but also this form of arm and the dress of the mountain people was copied and adopted by the Cossacks. The silver wire-mounted pommel and engraved silver scabbard handle and forged steel blade is rare and superstition held that the material helped prevent and heal wounds.

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This is a rare item for the ethnographic blade collector. These weapons from the Caucasus are rare and there are many types of copies and forgeries around. I want eBay to be a pleasant, successful and easy experience for both of us. Thank you.

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